Jesus brought me here. By His will I am in this straight place; in that will I rejoice (I Peter 4:12-13).
Even here He will keep me ” In His love” (Isaiah 63:9) and give me “grace and glory”
(Psalm 84:11; Rom 5:3,5).
Surely He will make the trial “a blessing” (Deut 23:5), teaching me lessons He wants me to learn
(Hebrews 5:8).
Under the trial I will be quiet (Psalm 37:7), for in His good time He will bring me out again – just how
and when, He knows best (Zep 3:19,20).
So then. I am here –
By God’s appointment (I Peter 4:12,13).
In His keeping (I Peter 1:5).
Under His training (Rev 3:19).
For His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
That I may glorify Him (I Peter 4:16).
And comfort others (2 Cor 1:46).