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Stand Up for Jesus

by kenval

“Stand Up for Jesus” was the dying message of Dudley A. Tyng .. the Sabbath before his death he preached before 5 thousand men at the YMCA. I t is believed that at least one thousand were “slain the in the Lord”. The next Wednesday, he went to his barn where a mule was at […]

Gathering the Sheep

by kenval

In order to separate¬† flocks of sheep, the shepherds will each call out: Tahoo! Tahoo! or a similar call. The sheep lift their heads, and start to follow their own shepherd. They recognise their own shepherd’s tone of voice. Strangers have often used the same call but their attempts to get the sheep to follow […]

The Belt of Truth

by kenval

The “belt of truth” refers to a leather belt with an apron that hung at the front of a Roman soldier’s groin and lower abdomen. Small brass plates were attached to the apron in or order to provide more protection. In preparation for battle, this belt would be put on first. The belt prepares a […]

Still Whiter than Snow

by kenval

What can be whiter than beautiful snow. Coming from Heaven to earth below. Pure and so white as if falleth light Over this broad world of sin and woe? Refrain Yes, there is something still whiter; Hearken ye weary, and know! Tho’ your sins be as scarlet red, They shall be whiter than snow. Jesus […]