I longed to walk along an easy road,
And leave behind the dull routine of home
Thinking in other fields to serve my God;
But Jesus said, “My time has not yet come.”

I longed to sow the seed in other soil,
To be unfettered in the work, and free,
To join with other labourers in their toil;
But Jesus said, “Tis not my choice for thee.”

I longed to fight the battles of my King,
Lift high His standard in the thickest strife;
But my great Captain bade me wait  and sing
Songs of His conquest in my quiet life.

I longed to leave the round of daily toil,
Where no one seemed to understand or care;
But Jesus said, “I choose for thee this soil,
That thou might’est raise for Me some blossoms rare.”

And now I have no longing but to do
At home, or else afar, His blessed will,
To work amid the many or the few;
Thus, “choosing not to choose,” my heart is still.


Pilgrims Progress. Streams in the Desert