I hear Him calling, ‘Come My Child,

To the table I have spread.

Partake of the heavenly manna:

Come, eat of My life-giving Bread.


“New strength to walk each day alone

I will impart to thee

If only thou wilt yield thy life,

Give all thine heart to Me.


“I long to love thee freely, child,

To share My treasures rare,

That thou mightest  know assuredly

Thy God for thee doth care.


“Withhold not thine heart, dear child,

From My abiding peace.

Such love I have to offer thee

Shall never, never cease.


“Release thy worries all to me;

Remove each weight of care.

Remember that I died for thee

And did thy burdens bear.


“Come unto Me and rest, My child.

The night is drawing near.

But I shall be thy light and Life.

Thou has no need to fear.”

Diane Dew